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This web site has been eco-designed

Optimized following the internet eco-design rules (more than 115 good practices of conception and development) that aim to reduce the environmental impact, this site uses a static website generator, the ultimate eco-designed content management system.

Eco-design's benefits:

  • Reduce application's ecological footprint from 30 to 50%
  • Improve performances up to 70%
  • Help fighting against planned obsolescence
  • Contribute to digital divide reduction
  • Convert a commitment to sustainable development into a digital product
  • Bring meaning to communication

What is an eco-designed software ?

Information and communications technologies bring services in every sectors. Often innovative, they could contribute to improve environment.

But their own environmental impacts should not be neglected:

  • Hardware manufacture phase
    Energy for minerals extraction and production (greenhouse gases) using non-renewable resources, using or spilling toxic chemical substances.
  • Devices usage phase
    Basically, the power consumption (greenhouse and other pollutants gases emissions).
  • Devices and of life phase
    WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) generate multiple pollution. A very few amount is collected to be recycled.

Do you want to know more about eco-designed softwares?

Consult this dedicated website