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This high quality Vintage stands out, with a more abundant harvest than the average of the previous years. Thanks to a dry and hot climate, flowering unfolded rapidly early June.

A contrasted summer brought a bit of anxiety around the maturation process. Fortunately, an exceptionally dry and luminous month of September allowed a sunny and early harvest.

The red wines have a beautiful intense colour. The nose is concentrated and very fruity. Attack shows a lovely structure with fine tannins. The fruit and balance enhance their already evident harmony.


Exceptional and lasting weather conditions in Summer gave beautiful grapes with an early harvest of high quality. The month of May, hot and dry, favoured a rapid vegetative evolution. The thunderstorms at the end of August and early September didn’t influence the starting maturation. They were followed by a very sunny and dry weather during all the harvest period. Ideal weather conditions together with a perfect grape quality brought maturity to its best.

All the red wines reveal a beautiful intense colour. Characterized by aromas of very ripe fruit. With a smooth and full finish, they are already very pleasant. Their character should develop with the years.