2001 vintage

A great vintage ! Springtime unfolded under many lovely sunny periods.

After a rainy and fresh month of July, summer truly came along in August with some scorching hot days and many periods of sunshine.

Violent hale and thunderstorms caused some important damage locally in the vineyards.

Cooler weather and rain early September, required a lot of vigilance and discernment from the winegrowers, in order to choose the best harvest date.

Vinification was quite long and regular for the white wines: a more technical approach for the red wines was required, in order to extract the highest potential from the colouring matter and tannins.

The white wines are beautifully balanced with a good concentration and a well developed fruit, which stands out thanks to an elevated acidity. They are clear and fine. Red wines display bright colours and a a good intensity.

Their structure is very present thanks to firm tannins and a good acidity level, and also reveal a rich, lovely, expressive fruit.

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