Wines are the very image of the quality of fruit they derive from.

With utmost respect toward the grape, our harvest is 100% de-stemmed, keeping most of the berries whole, not crushed.

The winemaking process then goes through three distinct stages:

  • Pre-fermentation maceration period of 5-8 days at a temperature of 13-14°C
  • Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation between 5-10 days
  • Post-fermentation macerationof 3 to 15 days depending on the vintage

Most years, the total maceration period lasts about 4 weeks, which is relatively long for traditional winemaking in Burgundy. We believeit is farmore beneficialto give the extracted matter sufficient time to structure itselfintosomething more stable and harmonious during vinification.

The moon, largely guiding and presiding over our rhythm of labour, has had a significant influence in both our vineyards and vat house since the 2001 vintage.For example our 4-week maceration corresponds to a lunar cycle (that determines the fluids of the earth). The wines are produced according to a continuous 28-day period to best preserve the vibrational state of water in the grapes at the moment of the cutting.

If this notion seems far-fetched formost amateurs, it allows us, notwithstanding the rigorous lunar calendar, to obtainmore precise wines with better minerality. Never forget: wine is constituted principally of water.

Depending on the appellation and age of the vines, our wines will age18 to 24 months in barrels, with a percentage of new oak ranging from 0% for the Village appellations to 30% for the old vines of Clos des Epeneaux.

Preserving the wines

Most of our wines are neither fined nor filtered to preserve the utmost quality. However, in spite of microbiological controls throughout the ageing process, we strongly advise that they be kept around a temperature of 12°C.

Don’t hesitate to carafe (in a closed carafe) young vintages at cellar temperature.

Generally speaking, we advise patience. Even though by carafing young wines will open up, they will in no way offer the richness one can expect from those thatmature a minimum of 10 to 15 years.

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