2010 vintage

Unlike 2009, all was far from certain in 2010 for all the appellations. No hot summer, but a beautiful late fall in September and October ensured the grapes’ perfect maturity.

Because of an arduous flowering, causing failure in set off and millerandage, the yield was subsequently lower, developing thick-skinned grapes and concentrated juice. The wines are generally lighter than most of the 2009 vintage, simultaneously ripe, concentrated and fresh.

A balance bringing forth great digestibility and facilitating a harmonious food and wine match.

So 2010 is a great vintage, both for the white and red wines.

Saved at the last minute, despite a limited harvest (producing half the volume of a normal year) it developed tight textures, a lot of dry extract, and a very pleasant acidity, supporting its freshness and young age.

The low charge of the grapes and their high concentration enabled us to reach a much more refined maturity than in other exceptional years.

The soil from each parcel expresses itself fully in this vintage, and each wine reveals its origin.

The land or ‘Terroir’ takes over here, which wasn’t exactly the case in 2009.

Globally, both the white and red wines show a high concentration due to a small yield. This small harvest wasn’t due to any disease, nor to a strict grape selection as in 2011, where we, in certain cases, removed as much as 20% of the grapes.

Spring was quite gloomy and the harvest, despite the sunshine, was not very abundant.

The wines develop magnificently and will most certainly mature harmoniously. The 

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