2009 vintage

During the whole vegetative cycle, the vineplant developed under favourable weather conditions, with a lot of sun and heat during the summer.

In September, maturity was optimal with a good balance in acidity, aroma and sugar. The harvest took place under rather serene conditions.

The pressure around diseases, rather high in spring, was finally contained and the summer weather conditions stopped any rot development, subsequently diminishing the risk of diseases, very threatening in the beginning of the year.

For the reds, the deep and brilliant colours added to aromas of very ripe red and black berries (still a little premature at this stage) augur an overall beautiful quality to come. Wines show a good development, complexity and silky tanins. A sensation of fullness from attack to mid-palate, stands out here, with a long finish.

For the whites, the aromatic profile announces a lovely future. Wines structure themselves around fullness and amplitude, with a lovely vivacity.

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