2008 vinatge

The 2008 Vintage was saved by a particularly sunny month of September. As the previous months had shown quite some contrasted weather conditions. After a very rainy month of April, May was hot, dry and very sunny. Early June, during the flowering period, frequent showers reappeared.

The small size of the grapes and their thick skins were the sign of a less abundant harvest than the average.

The months of July and August registered a high level of rain, even if once in a while, heat and sun came back.

It is subsequently thanks to a hot and sunny month of September, that the grapes were able to reach a good level of maturity and a beautiful concentration. The wines were birthed from a low yield and strict grape removals due to the weather conditions.

They reveal themselves as straight and fresh and they show in their still young age, quite an amazing fruit maturity, with no trace of acidity.

2008 is altogether, a pleasant vintage to be enjoyed young, with very seductive reds, due to a crunchy and delicious fruit on a tense and fresh structure.

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